Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Definitions

Glossary terms, history, people and definitions about Lean and Six Sigma

Free Lean and Six Sigma Online Training

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Lean and Six Sigma are the two most popular methods for process improvement.

Lean Introduction

Lean was developed through research performed at Toyota and other Japanese companies in the 1980’s, trying to understand how they were able to make great strides in quality, productivity, cost reductions and customer satisfaction after World War II. The popularity has grown because the Lean methodology focuses on making small, cost-effective improvements that come from the frontline workers (who are the true experts), and repeating that process every day.

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Six Sigma White Belt

Six Sigma was also popularized in the 1980’s after Motorola made tremendous strides in quality and customer satisfaction. Companies and organizations that embrace Six Sigma like the focus on data, statistical analysis, risk mitigation and process controls. For more challenging problems, these techniques help teams achieve a new level of performance and optimization.

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