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A3 is a tool used to restrict the amount of information presented on a project or activity to one single sheet of paper.

This forces the presenter to highlight only the most important and relevant information, as opposed to a lengthy discussion or presentation on everything that has occurred.

A3 is the size of paper, based on international standards. It is most similar to the 11″ x 17″ size paper used in North America. They used this size of paper because it was the largest size of paper that could be faxed, which was a common method for sharing information.

By Bshams – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

When used during problem solving activity, it should be used while working through the problem, not just to summarize the results when completed.

The problem solver should document the progress they are making on a single sheet of paper (A3), and share it with their manager or coach. It should be updated or re-written with new information. Pictures, tables of data, charts and graphs should be used as much as possible, instead of written words.

DMAIC, 8D, PDCA or other problem solving model should be used to organize the paper, to make it easier for the viewer to follow the logical flow of the information.






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