Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Definitions

Glossary terms, history, people and definitions about Lean and Six Sigma


CANDO is an acronym developed by Henry Ford to make the work area more organized and efficient.

C = Cleaning up

A = Arranging

N = Neatness

D = Discipline

O = Ongoing improvement

CANDO closely resembles the 5S methodology often credited to Toyota and Taiichi Ohno.

Ford discusses the concepts of CANDO in his book, Today and Tomorrow in 1926…

The first job was to clean up— that is always the first thing to do in order to find out what you are about…We cannot afford to have dirt around— it is too expensive. … Everything is painted and kept painted a light color, so the least bit of dirt will show. We do not paint to cover up dirt— we paint white or light gray in order that cleanliness may be the order of things and not the exception.




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