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Similar to the DMAIC model in Six Sigma, DMADV stands for:

  • Define – identify the purpose of the project, process or service, and what customer needs and requirements it will address
  • Measure – collect customer requirements (VOC), convert needs into technical requirements, gather current performance of existing products and services (including competitors), and prioritize the requirements that need the most attention
  • Analyze – identify the best long-term solution (reducing ovearll lifecycle costs) to address the key requirements through experimentation, simulation and analysis, along with risks in the design that should be considered (using a DFMEA and PFMEA)
  • Design – A high level and detailed design is developed based on the information gathered in previous steps, and requirements are flowed down into each sub level of the product or service
  • Verify – validation that the design is acceptable to all stakeholders through pilot studies, trials, testing or MVP), and a transition plan is developed to move into the launch stage.

DMADV is part of the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) program, which is used for developing new products or services, while DMAIC is used for traditional Six Sigma programs focused on improving existing products or services.

Instead of looking at actual outcomes of the process, DMADV may use designed experiments, simulation or similar products and services to create transfer functions to estimate variation in the inputs. Based on the simulated data, adjustments are made to the design to minimize issues before the actual product or service is launched with the customer.

There are other versions of models used in DFSS, such as:

  • DMADOV – Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Optimize and Validate
  • DCOV – Define, Characterize, Optimize, Verify
  • DCCDI – Define, Customer, Concept, Design, Implementation
  • DMEDI – Define, Measure, Explore, Develop, Implement
  • DMADIC – Define, Measure, Analyze, Design, Implement, Control
  • DIDES – Define, Initiate, Design, Execute, Sustain
  • RCI – Requirement, Concept, Improvement
  • IDEAS – Identify, Design, Evaluate, Assure, Scale-up
  • IDOV – Identify, Design, Optimize, Verify
  • CDOV – Concept, Design, Optimize, Verify
  • IDDOV – Identify, Define, Develop/Design, Optimize, Verify/Validate
  • VCPCIA – Visualize, Commit, Prioritize, Characterize, Improve, Achieve



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