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Institut Lean France

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Institut Lean France (France Lean Institute) is an association of french Lean experts, contributing to the promotion of Lean in France through conferences, masterclasses, trainings and books (publication and sales).

The Lean France Institute is the French representative of the Lean Global Network.

Major events organized include the Lean Summit every two years, and the european Lean IT Summit.

Institut Lean France has also launched a rather unique approach of lean Academies in France, featuring gemba walks and practical application of lean tools and concepts within the subscribing companies, each participant hosting in turn such a workshop (11 sessions over 1 year). Both a practical training and the creation of a community of practice, those Academies are organized by Function (Engineering, Services) to focus on a specific environment.

Members of the Institut Lean France are volunteers, contributing pro bono to the events and masterclasses. The Institute is a non-profit association.




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