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KataLab is an approach developed for the nonprofit food bank Moisson Montréal by co-authors of the Toyota Kata Memory Jogger: Jean-Marc Legentil and Marc-Olivier Legentil, along with HEC Montreal professor Sylvain Landry

They used the principles of the Toyota Kata approach to create a 2-day workshop format for helping the food bank increase its food production during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The typical format for the 2-day workshop:

  • Day 1 (Morning) – Intro to Toyota Kata training (with puzzle exercise)
  • Day 1 (Afternoon) – Discover current condition over a few rounds of exploration
  • Day 2 (Morning) – 3 rounds of experiments to improve, run process for 30 mins, analyze and reflection time, then setup next experiment
  • Day 2 (Afternoon) – Coaching Kata process learning and practice




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