Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma Definitions

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Lean Global Network

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Lean Global Network (LGN) is an international community and network of lean thought leaders and practitioners with the goal of making things better by advancing lean thinking and practice throughout the world.

LGN supports the members in three fundamental ways:

  • Share knowledge on lean thinking and practice to develop skills within the community
  • Collaborate on joint company projects and events
  • Develop new educational materials such as publications and training

The founding institutes were led by James P. Womack in the United States with the Lean Enterprise Institute, Daniel Jones in the United Kingdom with the Lean Enterprise Academy, and Jose Ferro in Brazil (Lean Institute Brasil) in 2007. They were involved with the MIT research team that was responsible for coining the term “lean” to describe the revolutionary production and management system they identified at Toyota, and the subsequent books:





lean six sigma certification and training

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