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Michael George

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Michael George is a business consultant, who is founder and President of George Group.

George Group was founded in 1986, and worked with Fortune 500 companies and government organizations, and was an industry leader in bringing a combined Lean and Six Sigma approach to organizations, called Lean Six Sigma.

He holds a B.S. in Physics from the University of California, and a M.S. in Physics from the University of Illinois. He began his career at Texas Instruments in 1964 as an engineer. He started the company International Power Machines (IPM), which he sold to a division of Rolls Royce in 1984. He studied Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Toyota Production System (TPM) firsthand in Japan, which led to his first book, America Can Compete.

George Group was headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They were acquired by Accenture in 2007.

In 2012, George founded the non-profit organization, Strong America Now, which promoted the use of Lean Six Sigma to eliminate waste and debt in government.




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