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Mikel Harry

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Dr. Mikel J. Harry (December 28, 1951 – April 25, 2017) was one of the original architects and pioneers of Six Sigma at Motorola. He was responsible for the research and development of advanced Six Sigma engineering models and methods.

He was sometimes referred to as the “father of Six Sigma” although Harry referred to himself as the “Godfather of Six Sigma,” and pointed to Motorola engineer Bill Smith as the true father of the methodology.

He founded Motorola’s Six Sigma Research Institute, and in this position, he was responsible for the development of Six Sigma implementation strategy, deployment guidelines, and advanced application tools.

Before joining Motorola, he was a consultant to several Fortune 500 corporations in the areas of statistical engineering, experiment design, statistical process control, and quality management. His industrial experiences also include manufacturing management at General Motors Corporation and industrial engineering with Dayton Walther Corporation.






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