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An acronym for Possible, Implement, Challenge and Kill, to categorize ideas and solutions into four distinct categories, based on a rough estimate of return on investment (ROI). It’s also called an Ease Impact Matrix or Impact Effort Matrix (or some variation of that).

  • Possible – Low Payoff, easy to do – Useful for getting some momentum behind improvements by solving some simple problems right away. The risk is also low with these ideas, so if they don’t work out, then limited effort was wasted on them.
  • Implement – High Payoff, easy to do – Where most of the effort should be focused,
  • Challenge – High Payoff, hard to do – Longer term projects that are good to do, but not right away, maybe only after most of the Implement projects have been resolved.
  • Kill – Low Payoff, hard to do – These ideas should be ignored, or redefined so they can fall into one of the other three categories.


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