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Takehiko Harada

Takehiko Harada joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1968 as head of the machine department, and head of engineering works, as well as the project general manger of the Operations Management Consulting Division (Toyota’s Toyota Production System deployment group).

In 1999, he was the CEO for Kuozui Motors (Taiwan’s Toyota Motors), and in 2000 he became a director of Toyota Motor Corp. Harada was president of Chuo Spring, an automotive parts manufacturer, from 2005 until he retired in 2010.

He is credited with developing the nagara switch, a technique to easily and quickly start a machine without a lot of pressure and wasted time, which also supported Jidoka autonomation techniques.

He is not connected with the Harada Method promoted by Norman Bodek, that is attributed to Takashi Harada, a successful track and field coach in Japan.



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