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TNGA is an acronym that stands for Toyota New Global Architecture.

There are 5 domains to their program

  1. Driving Quality – Satisfying to drive by everyone
    You can feel that first moment of acceleration in your body. In addition to the exceptionally smooth ride, the car responds exactly as you imagined. Driving is most fulfilling when the car is an extension of the self.
  2. Comfort – Comfort that Makes You Want to Keep on Driving
    The spacious cabin interior, the wide-open scenery before you, the agreeable note of the engine. A unique experience for all the senses — and one shared by everyone.
  3. User-Friendliness – An Indispensable Toolkit
    Highly intuitive interfaces communicate everything from fuel consumption to luggage space with the immediacy of a tried and trusted tool. Smart technology that enriches the daily driving experience.
  4. Pride of Ownership – Styling for That Sought-After Appeal
    It’s a presence that enhances self-worth. State-of-the-art environmental performance and styling that never goes out of fashion. Environmental consciousness and quality of workmanship that bring with them a sense of pride.
  5. Security – Towards a Better Society

    Your car takes care of you, its strong body protects you. World-class security features leave you at ease, able to simply enjoy the ride.

Specifically, TNGA is a modular unibody automobile platforms that are common to many Toyota and Lexus models starting with the fourth generation Prius in late 2015.

Details can be found at: https://www.toyota-global.com/innovation/tnga/


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