Interested in Lean or Six Sigma training to boost your resume, and show how your improvements have an impact in your organization?

If you apply what you learn from the online courses below, you can easily pay for the cost of the course with the improvement savings. Lean Introduction and Yellow Belt projects can save thousands of dollars, Lean Fundamentals and Green Belt projects can save over $10,000 and many Black Belt projects can save $50,000 to multi-millions of dollars. Talk to your manager to see if they will pay for the course.

If not, our prices are affordable for individuals to pay for it themselves, and you can leverage this training and certification to get a higher paying job or pay raise through improved performance (better problem solving and process management).

If you work or volunteer at a nonprofit, NGO, not-for-profit or other public good organization, we may be able to offer free or discounted training or certifications, contact us to learn more!

We have partnered with OpEx Learning as an affiliate (we receive a commission, you can too!) to provide you with affordable Lean and Six Sigma online training courses and certification.

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Please review the options below. You can upgrade your training and certification after you register for a course. For example, if you choose Green Belt, then want to upgrade to Black Belt later, you will have that option within the training platform without having to repeat modules. You can also start with Lean Introduction, and upgrade to Lean Fundamentals. Browse training courses, view shopping cart, or proceed to checkout.

At the Black Belt level, you will be asked to select a statistical software package. Read this article to help you decide between SigmaXL and Minitab.

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